Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Trials Preview in Free NYC Magazine

I stumbled upon a bit of running literature today: for any New York-folk, I recommend keeping an eye out for a magazine called Metro Sports NY. In the current month's issue, the magazine features a pretty decent preview of the NYC Marathon and Olympic Marathon Trials: a course map with mile markers and recommended spots to spectate, and short mini-bios of the main contenders... and they get it right, covering just about everyone of note other than the Olympic dark horse darling of the NYRR Media team, Josh Rohantinsky. (I, for one, think he will end up being be a non-factor in his first marathon, but if the race goes out too "tactically" (read as, "slowly") then who knows?)

Anyway, serendipity brought me upon the magazine outside of Penn Station (7th Avenue entrance, beneath the Madison Square Garden marquee) in one of those big black cabinets holding a variety of publications behind their respective doors. Don't know where else you might find it around the city, but it's at Penn, if nowhere else, and, it's free. Not bad train reading, at all.

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