Tuesday, August 5, 2008

See Kanye with the Keflezighi's

If you are planning to be in the Los Angeles area at the end of this month, there are three things you must do: 1. Visit the Hollywood walk of fame. 2. Visit Disneyland. And, of course, 3. Go to a free Kanye West concert with Olympic Silver Medalist Meb Keflezghi and his family. You know, standard touristy stuff.

The event is held in conjunction with that whole "Nike Human Race 10k" thing. The Keflezighi's are upping the ante on those humanitarians at Nike, though, by raising money for ninemillion.org, a campaign promoting education and sports for refugees worldwide. So, a great cause to be sure. No word yet as to where exactly the concert will be held. the only information I found was here, where a Mr. DJ Craze is claiming Kanye on his schedule somehwere in L.A.

My question: What is Meb's favorite Kanye jam? Stronger? Jesus Walks? Too obvious. Get 'em High? Barry Bonds? Now, we're talking.


Jake said...

Nike needs to realize that getting Galen Rupp involved in this Kanye thing would spur the greatest threads in letsrun / internet history

Ben said...

@ Jake, second from the right: check and mate, Nike. Let the threading begin.