Monday, August 4, 2008

Here is...Something!

We got an email recently from what I can only assume was Bob Costas himself informing us of these things called "widgets" that NBC is using to promote their Olympic coverage online. Despite it being called a "widget," which sounds a lot like the tool Inspector Gadget used to save Penny from Dr. Claw that one time, it seems like quite a useful tool.

Quite frankly, it's on the verge of being "too corporate" for us, given that they show commercials before the videos and, since we don't get any money for those commercials, that's aaaalllllmost unacceptable. But, it looks like they will have high quality live video and highlight videos during the games, so it's worth checking out. Here it is: share it, embed it on your own site, or better yet, bookmark this page and come back over and over and over again (but not more than three times because this is a fringe site, we don't want TOO much traffic lest we lose our counter-culture cred).

Exclusive Summer Olympics news & widgets at NBC Olympics.com!

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