Friday, December 21, 2007

Facts Settled in Club Nats Altercation

Thank God for the Cincinnati Enquirer. First they brought us that terrific story involving strippers, woman-on-woman sexual interaction and a WWE-wannabe yokel. Now, they have straightened out the major point of contention that sparked all the back-and-forth following Club Nationals Riot 2K7:
Newman describes Gerber as a law-abiding citizen with no criminal history. Gerber, 28, works with computers. He’s a member of the Atlanta Track Club and has run about a dozen marathons, including four times in the prestigious Boston Marathon, Newman said.

“Getting abused like that, getting Tased, it’s something I’ll never forget,” Gerber said. in a post-court interview. “It’s definitely painful.”

He says the officer overreacted. [...] So far, police and witnesses have given drastically different accounts of what happened.
SEE?! It IS 'tased'! NOT 'tasered'! The paper wouldn't print it if 'tweren't so.

So - that's settled. Next up: are computer nerds really as docile as the article implies?

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