Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Who Dey - Week 1: Bengals 27, Ravens 20

No, this has nothing to do with running, but I don't care.

Now, the natural urge is to make an Edgar Allen Poe reference here, but then I would have to hate myself repeatedly in the face. Let's just say last night was a big win because it took down a division foe, helping the Bengals get out in front in the tough, tough AFC North, to say nothing of being an encouraging gauge of things to come: the offense will be more productive simply because Carson Palmer can only play better the next 15 weeks... and things will really start clicking, either when the O-line gets a little healthier, or when a solid complement to Rudi Johnson gets healthy/emerges. Or both.

Of course, the best part of last night was the defense. I'm not expecting the D to hold teams under 20 points week to week; all I want to see is the ability to make plays, shake things up, and swing the momentum back our way every now and again. Everyone certainly came out aggressive early and demonstrated that play-making ability throughout the game. Still gave up a couple of back-breaking conversions on 3rd-and-long, something that's plagued the defensive unit the past few years, but again: just get to the quarterback to shake things up, and try to create me some turnovers, and I'll be a happy camper.

Season to date: 1-0.
Fluid Prediction: 13-3 (Patriots, @Ravens, @49ers)
Next: @ Browns.

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