Saturday, September 15, 2007

Quick Friday Recap & Look Ahead

Lotta Friday action this weekend:

  • Something happened at Texas Tech but still no results up. Same with NC State. Whoops, forgot - it's football season so there's clearly more important things for your SIDs to be doing on a Friday...
  • Syracuse took down a Max Smith-less Providence squad, with BC 3rd, Stony Brook 4th, and Iona's Scrubs 5th. Of course, I had to go to Syracuse's website to find the results from BC's MEET. So add a Boo to the Boston College SID to the tally above, and a doff of the cap to the fellas over in Providence (who provided a recap) and Syracuse.
Pretty light day ahead for Saturday: Maryland, LaSalle, Richmond and Navy square off in Annapolis. Georgia Tech visits Vandy. Washington and Washington State will decide intrastate bragging rights, and settle those pesky poll discrepancies at the Sundodger Invitational. I'm sure some over stuff's going on out west, but regardless, things won't really heat up until next weekend, with Iona hosting a nice meet, and beyond.

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