Monday, November 26, 2007

Pimp My Desktop

Always cheered for that coltish young man from Peru, NY? Never been sure how to best show what a huge fan you are? Well, friend, worry no longer! Step right up and get your OFFICIAL computer desktop wallpaper of newly-minted NCAA Cross Country Champion Josh McDougal! Now you can show your affection for the hottest name in collegiate distance running for your whole office to see! And the best part? Liberty University brings you this stunning item at the low, low cost of totally FREE! Yeah!

(For those of you who refuse to upgrade to a shiny new 15" flat-screen monitor, you can also take your pick of screen resolutions - bottom of page.)

In all honesty, we think it's pretty sweet that Liberty actually takes some care to promote sports that are afterthoughts at bigger schools. I mean, I know all the girls want to hold hands with the Tom Brady of Liberty's campus, QB Brock Davis (no, we didn't make that name up) ... but, ya know... McDougal is actually good as his sport on a national level, so it's kind of deserved.

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