Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Park Looks Deer Population in Eye, Says Hell Naw

So this story's connection to running is thin, but who cares? We used to meet for summer practices in the park in question during high school, and UC's Queen City Invitational used to be held there as well. Good enough for me. Besides: how could we not bring to light the fact that police are shooting down the rampaging deer population in Mt. Airy Forest and donating the meat to the homeless? Neighborhood leadership weighs in on the situation:
"I can literally drive down my street and bump them with my car to get them to move," said Cindee Walsh, vice president of the Mount Airy Town Council, who said residents have been asking the city for help for six years. "Nobody wants to be a Bambi killer. I understand that. But this is not natural in any way, shape or form."
Incorrect, Mrs. Walsh. Many people, in fact, want to be a Bambi killer. Roughly 1,000 pounds of venison have been "generated" thus far. Of course, many people would be outraged over killing the poor, defenseless deer, but many people also don't realize how delicious venison is. And, really, do you want this to keep happening? Two and a half dozen instances of people-mounting should be enough for folks to say, Enough's enough. Honestly.

Oh, and, yes, this is the same park that was so notorious for being a gay hook-up spot that someone once painted over the "Mt." with an "F" on the main sign. And did such a bang-up job that it went unnoticed for weeks. Either that, or park officials just decided it was a more appropriate name.

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