Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LTOB-Spawned Web Promos Dropping on,

Hey, so guess what: we have been involved in a series of web videos produced in conjunction with Saucony and KIMbia Athletics, detailing the KIMbia guys' preparations for Boston -- which, if you didn't know, is this Monday. The videos are posting to each day between now and Monday, and should drop as a block on the Saucony site sometime tomorrow. (Hint: if you're torn, go to the Saucony site so they think "Oh wow, a lot of people are coming to look at these videos. We should give these guys more money to make more videos for us!") Video #1 after the jump.

Think of that first video as the 30-second iTunes preview of your favorite James Blunt song: it's just a taste. So, don't forget to check out (or for the rest of the videos!

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