Friday, October 3, 2008

Welcome to the Meat Grinder

Apparently there is this thing called NCAA Cross Country going on. Funny how it -- and anything else that happened post-Olympics -- seemed to have slipped under our radar. Especially given that it. Is. Awesome. I defy you to find a more thrilling race than NCAAs, with individual and team honors to be won and 200+ people on one starting line to duke it out. It's like Braveheart meets Any Given Sunday meets Rocky meets Rambo meets Must Love Dogs. (Only a dash of the last one, though.)

Which, all in all, really makes it inexcusable that there's been nothing written here on that, the greatest of all sports. Literally, there are no excuses. Except for the fact that Ben actually HAS been writing about this cross season religiously -- just, as an interloper.

Yes, ladies and germs, Trackshark has been exploiting ben's word-smithry like a lonely high school kid and his slightly heavy (read as: grateful) but still respectable (read as: cute face) female friend. Which is to say, everybody's pretty much OK with the situation -- at least until a better offer comes along for either. Check out previous editions of his column -- called The Meat Grinder -- for an Introduction, Season Preview, Team Rankings - 1st Ed., Individual Rankings - 1st Ed., 1st Week Preview (Iona) and Recap, 2nd Week Preview (Griak) and Recap, and most recently, 3rd Week Preview (Notre Dame).

So once you've caught up, bookmark it here:

It's tres bien. And I'm not just saying that because he bought me ice cream. That treat was just because he's a good friend. And heck -- while we're at it, I've tried to be not completely worthless to running fans the past few weeks, hitting up the 5th Ave Mile with Chris Lukezic and Chris Solinsky.

Ok, now that I look at those, yeah I was pretty worthless.

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